OVF Associate Matching Program

Are you a member of OVF and looking to add an associate to help you garden? Great! Sign-up today and we'll have the Membership Secretary connect you with one of the many people on the waiting list who is eager to get their hands in the soil.

What is the Associate's Matching Program?

The Associate's Matching Program is an exclusive program for OVF members and individuals on the waiting list. It's designed to connect those on the waiting list who are interested in gardening now but have not yet been assigned a plot with OVF members who are interested in obtaining help with their plot on an on-going basis. This program is not for vacation relief or extended periods of absence by the member.

Why is the program temporary?

The same rules apply as for all associates. Once the person on the waiting list becomes a member and obtains a plot, that person can no longer continue to be an associate. Thus, the program for the associates who are signed up through this program will remain temporary unless those individuals choose not to take on a plot of their own.

Do I get to choose whom I will work with and what is the process?

Absolutely! You are responsible for the person you select as an associate. If you are interested in adding an associate, the Membership Secretary will forward the contact information for the next person on the waiting list that is interested in becoming an associate to you. You will contact that person and setup a mutual meeting just as you would with any other associate you bring into the garden. If you want to work with that person, just complete the necessary paperwork, prepare a check for the associate's fee (currently $6.00 per year) and contact your Phase Representative to go to the next step of formalizing the process and assigning that person to your plot.

Where do I get the paperwork?

The paperwork is the Ocean View Farms Associate Agreement. You can download the Associate Agreement Form here, or ask any of the OVF Board Members for a copy when the office is open.

Who do I contact to get more information?

If you would like to enroll in the associate matching program or if you have any questions; use the form below to contact the Membership Secretary (Please include your plot number in the comments of your message.), or leave a note in the Membership Secretary's mailbox in the wheelbarrow shed. Please allow up to one week, if you leave a note in the wheelbarrow shed.

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