OVF Videos

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A Tour of OVF during the COVID-19 Pandemic (3:30)

OVF Phase I Upper member Peggy Caton captures a recent visit to OVF.

How to Make Pesto (12:27)

OVF Phase I Lower member Anthony Lai shows you how to make pesto from OVF grown basil.

OVF on City Walk (8:36)

Ocean View Farms on KCET's City Walk (first aired: October 23, 2014) featuring Garden Master Ed Mosman and then Phase Four Lower Phase Representative Christi Wilhelmi. Executive Producer: Steven Reich.

Planting Leeks (6:37)

OVF Greenhouse Keeper Nina Rumely teaches you how to plant leeks.

Seed Starting (14:58)

OVF Greenhouse Keeper Nina Rumely takes you through the steps of succesful seed starting.

OVF Tuesday Morning Shredding Crew (1:23)

The OVF Shredding Crew in action.

OVF Composting Program (5:48)

OVF President Frank Harris introduces the OVF Composting Program.

Space Shuttle Endeavor over OVF (1:45)

The space shuttle Endeavor flies over OVF on its' way to LAX on Friday, September 21, 2012.

DeLoach Vineyards Community Garden Campaign (1:51)

Our March 2011 winning entry into the DeLoach Vineyards Community Garden Campaign in partnership with Organic Gardening Magazine.

The following commercial projects used OVF as a location

2017 My Impreza 5 Door [Commercial] (1:31)

OVF was used as one of the locations in this 2016 Subaru commercial, shot for the Japanese market. Once again, we're only there for a short bit, near the 30 second mark.